From the pulpit of the State Father Prior... 

June 2016


To the

Columbian Squires of California


Dear beloved Columbian Squires from California,

Peace be with each one of you. I continue to give thanks to God for your commitment to this wonderful call that opens the door to future calls. It is my hope that you had a wonderful and fruitful academic year. Let us give a round of applause to all our Squires who have just graduated. We also congratulate those who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation; Congratulations! For those brothers who know they fell short of the pretended goals and the moments of excellence, remember that the Lord gives us another opportunity to do better and become the best version of ourselves.

We are filled with joy and looking forward to real participation in the California State Convention 2016 and achieve its long lasting fruits. Thinking about your call today as a “Squire”; do you know that you are blessed and should be happy for being a Catholic? Indeed, you should be filled with joy because this very weekend the Lord sets the standard for those who are fit for the Kingdom of God. I am referring to the 13th Sunday Gospel reading according to St. Luke 9:51-62. From the past meetings I have learned and heard more about your active role in the life of your respective parishes. I am proud of you, and I congratulate you for all those wonderful activities you are carrying on in support of your local pastors and parishes. For you are the future pastors, parents, Knights of Columbus and leaders in our nation. God’s love and intent is expressed via your dedication to these works of charity.

 I do understand your daily challenges when it comes to feel understood, appreciated, when you seek for the benefit of doubt, seek to be treated as an equal, respectfully and to have the freedom to decide. Your challenges fall within the sacrifices you have to endure for the higher good, thus, I call upon your parents and family members to work with you for the greater glory of God. Let us pray to continue growing in Faith, Hope and Charity.


State Father Prior

Gerry Kasule

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