From the desk of the State Chairman...

November 27, 2012

Squires, My Brother Knights and Parents,

We celebrated the life of California Squire Chairman and State Director Santiago O. Sierra, Jr., and he will live in the hearts of all of us. For me, it is the second State Director who passed, the first being Denny Riopel, both were committed to Squires. Both were an inspiration and along with Gene Buehl who moved us- the California Squires Order to new advancements. Last month California State Deputy Ray F. Warriner appointed me as California State Squires Chairman to follow in their footsteps. Today, we have many prayers, many projects to accomplish and many new adventures to share with each other, our parish communities and families. Our nation, state and communities need you. As an organization we have to grow, need to grow.
To this need, we have to have to utilize our communication system. We have the structure. We have a great website and Face Book Page. They are capable of mobilizing us to action and sharing. Besides these vehicles we will utilize:

• Conference Calls
• State Circle and Regional Meetings
• A News Letter
• Letters and Snail Mail
• Knights of Columbus
Our first conference call will be December 8th at 10 AM. The State Circle, State Circle Officials and Chief Counselors will receive the access code via snail mail and email. Please email your address at americanaztec@sbcglobal.net so you can receive this via email.
The agenda will focus on the state circle board meeting, administrative paperwork, the state conference and monthly projects.
Everywhere in this state Squires are doing good acts. Last month many of the circles collected, served, or helped distribute food to those in need. This month many circles will collect or donate toys for their parish, Toys for Tots or for their KofC Council. Please post these activities on our California State Circle Columbian Squires Facebook Page and on our ca-state-circle.org website. Because these are protected sites you must ask permission from our administrator.
I will be traveling the state for some face to face meetings so look for me. ESTO DIGNUS-BE WORTHY.
Yours in Christ,

Armando L. Mena, PGK
California State Squires Chairman

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