From The Supreme Office...

Dear Brother Knights & Squires:


As you gather for the 61st State Circle Convention, I would like to congratulate you on another great year. As of June 1st, the California state circle has 747 members and 54 circles.


Many of you will turn 18 this year, and I invite you to join the Knights of Columbus.  It will be a great experience for you as life goes on, but before leaving your circle, try to recruit someone to take your place.  Doing so will keep the Squires program in California strong.  I know many of you have been involved in different activities within your circle to make your town or church a better community.  I encourage you to send me any pictures or articles about your project, so I can post them to the Knights of Columbus website to show other circles around the world what you have been able to accomplish.  Set a goal for yourself to recruit more young men into your circle.


Our goal is to get more young men involved in the Squires program, and to continually improve the program.    If you have any ideas to make this a better program, please share them with your local and state leaders and with me.  Finally, continue to work hard to achieve the Squire of the Body of Christ level in the Squire Advancement Program, as Matt Theologidy and Kyle Valencia of circle 931 have done this year.  Congratulations to them!  Next year let’s try and double that number in California.


We are excited for the opportunity to work with the Squires in California and throughout the order to help make 2012-2013 a great year for the Squires program. Remember, this is your program and you do have a say!

Esto Dignus,

Jason Porrello

Program Coordinator

Youth Programs & Columbian Squires

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